Boulder Coffee Shop Meeting

First Mentor Meeting

When I had my meeting with Dr. Weis, we discussed whom I might like to have as my mentor. I had already given it some thought, which I think helped incredibly, that and fact, if I went back over the professors who stood out to me, she was one of the select few that I could say I thoroughly enjoyed. I had taken two courses with her during the process of the masters programs, the first being LST 538 Reading the Roaring 20s. It was one of those classes I walked into completely unsure I wanted to take it, but gave it a go at the insistence of Dr. Weis. This happened more than once I assure you! In the end I enjoyed the course very much, and loved being able to pull in photographs from the nineteen twenties of my maternal grandmother and her sisters when they were young girls. The other course I attended with Dr. Coon was LST 503 Values and Actions. She co-taught the course with Dr. Harry Murray. I did some volunteer work with him at St. Joseph’s House of Hospitality in downtown Rochester. We prepared a hot breakfast of scrambled eggs; baked hash browns with onions; and sausage links. My experience there was refreshing. Every single person we helped that morning was not only grateful for us being there to serve them the hot meal, but they were all polite. Pleases and thank yous and god blesses were everywhere to be heard.

Here we are, first class of the semester has come and gone, I knew that the mentor I wanted to work with had agreed to work with me. We scheduled our first meeting! We’d meet at Boulder Coffee Shop! A perfect plan as I love coffee. I had never been there before, so I ordered their Red Eye 20oz with a bit of sugar syrup- really just a dash, and I was high on caffeine the rest of the day!

Dr. Coon beat me there- I’d some how gotten a late start, and walked in the door just a minute or two before we were to meet. I am thinking I must get there earlier next week! She said she knew a bit about what I wanted to do, she’d spoken with Dr. Weis of course, and read what was here on my blog, but wanted to hear it from me. As I told her what I wanted to do, and what I was thinking, I could feel I was getting excited- perhaps it was partly the coffee, but really, I’m thrilled this project has been coming together so well. We did a bunch of back and forth, and note taking, and asked thought provoking questions. By the meeting’s end, she had a clearer idea of what I wanted to accomplish, and was able to confirm for me that some of my thoughts of ideas were in fact good ideas.

I couldn’t wait until our next meeting even though it was less than a week a way. My proposal would have been turned in, and I would be working on different pieces. Seeing such a project take form is definitely a fascinating thing to watch!


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