Calendars and Time Lines

I have been a hardcore calendar addict for years. They rank up there with coffee! I have a wall calendar, a computer calendar, a phone calendar. I can look on any of them at any point and see what is coming up. They are all in sync, and I like that! They are neat little packages that tell me who I am seeing, where and when.

I am sitting here at my desk, having finished the proposal portion of my assignment by sending it via email at 3am to my professor, trying to put together a well formed time line of when parts of this project will be done.

It is a crazy calendar so far! I have placed Tuesday classes, Yoga, Thesis meetings, Art Therapy Group, and meetings with my mentor. I added in 3 dates that I would be turning in annotated bibliographies, with the last one being the final. I also have added in when I will have interview questions.

The part I’m struggling with is how long some of these might take. For example, at some point I have to decide which direction this project will take (see the proposal link). And, if say I decide to go the gallery route, how far ahead must I contact them? And, how much work must I be able to provide?

To see the official calendar, please see the page marked Calendar!


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