Family Letter and Interview Questions

I will be interviewing many of my family members who are within the artistic spectrum. I will enclose a short concise note letting them know what and how I will be using their answers to my questions. I want them to feel comfortable enough to give me honest answers.

**EDIT: Feb 23, 2013


Dear (Insert Name),

I am currently in the process of writing and creating my masters thesis. I will be taking a look at our family genealogy, specifically the artists on both sides of the family tree. And then figure out what types of artwork and photography our family has created. I will then critique my own ethnographic authority within the art fields, and once I have done that, I will look at how my ethnographic subjectivity has been changed by the influences of my family. I will also be looking into how mental health plays a role within the family of artists, as well as my own. I hope to use interviews, a blog, family artwork and my own as well. I haven’t decided on my end project. It may be a photographic book with words, or perhaps a gallery showing, a digital gallery online along with this blog, or maybe something else all together.

I would like to know more about you! Even though each of you are my family, there is so much for me to learn from you! From being an art therapist, a rubber stamp maker, a pen and ink artist, an altered art book and doll creators, photographers, stained glass workers, woodworkers and seamstresses, our family seems to run the gamut of the types of art. ! I have come up with my own selection of questions, but I would love for you to share anything you like at the end!

This questionnaire will be used either whole or in part for this thesis. I hope to display some of your work (art work, a published piece of work, clothing you made, dolls created) if this turns into a gallery showing at the end. I hope to use quotes, your personal reflections of your art and your history of art. I believe at this point the thesis will turn into a gallery showing, with a small book to either hand out/purchase.

Please answer the questions honestly and openly, as I believe this is something the entire family will be interested in learning about.

I’d love for you to follow along with me on my journey. My blog name is I will be updating as often as I can with both words, and pictures of what I am creating.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to email or call me. I need these back as soon as you can, with a deadline of April 3, 2013. I will follow-up again on Tuesday.

Love, Stacey


Basic Demographic Questions:

1- First Name

2- Birth Place/Birth Year

3- Currently Living (Please give largest nearest City)

4- Relationship with Stacey?

5- I am filling out this questionnaire on (what is the date?)


The Interview Questions:

1- Who/What inspires your creative thoughts and artwork?

2- Do you have a favorite medium to work in?

3- How old were you when you first thought of yourself as an artist? Do you consider yourself to be an artist today?

4- Is there a type of artwork that you would like to learn?

5- Are you a published artist? Where are you published?

6- Do (did) you have a favorite art teacher? Why? What did you learn from them?

7- Did you have an art teacher that you did not like? Why? In the end, what did you learn from them?

8- What do you think about the ‘Artistic DNA’ in our family? Do you know of other families with so many being artistic?

9- Is there anything else you would like to share with me? Any ideas that have sprung to mind as you were going through these questions, or after having checked out my blog?


I am in search of “artifacts” of those alive and those who have passed. I’m specifically seeking one or two items for each of those who fall into the “artistic spectrum.” Do you have a book I can purchase? A catalog I can keep?

If you have other thoughts, impressions, concepts, and ideas, please do share them with me. Over the next six weeks I will be putting all this together. For this next set of time I will likely be posting every day.

*One last thought, if you have a few moments to spare, I’d love to have your responses in your handwriting on paper. You could write it, scan it in, and email it to me, or send it surface mail. Either one would be fine, though I believe our handwriting can show a lot about us.



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