To Grandma’s House We Go…

Let me be honest here… she doesn’t live in a house. She’s in an apartment!

Robyn and I went on a road trip to Canandaigua, where my maternal grandmother lives at a place called Quail Summit. She(Peggy) has lived there since my grandfather, her husband: John, passed away five and a half years ago. Her apartment is a good size for her alone. She gets to have a full bedroom with full bathroom, a small living/dining space and a small-ish galley kitchen. There is a second bedroom with full bath, almost identical to her own only flipped in layout. This second room, is her sewing room. Or, rather I should say her “Craft Room.”

If you asked me to recall memories of growing up, and going to grandma and grandpa’s house, much of it would be centered around her sewing and making my sister and I clothing, and making clothing for our Ginny Dolls. She made other dolls as well. My sister and I each have one named after us. Hers is Mischievous Meg, and mine is Sweetest Stacey.

Grandma is now 95, and is questioning her life here on Earth, and thinking about her husband she misses so dearly…

She has good days, and bad days, and today was not one of the good days. There is always a 50/50 chance… and our luck was not on our side this visit. But, we focused on her, and tried to keep the boat stable, as Grandpa was probably watching us thinking… keep an even keel!

Anyway. What I was really intending to say was this: grandma has decided to do no more sewing. What!? Grandma NOT sew!? I didn’t even think this was possible… Seems like sewing is in her blood!

We worked hard to get some of my interview questions answered, as I really think she’d be an interesting piece to my puzzle, but, alas it wasn’t today just wasn’t the day for it.


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