A Pat On The Back

Tonight we had our thesis meeting. I was armed with a list to take with me up to the podium. Those things by themselves scare me! BUT I tried to remember that Jesse, Cathy and Monica (Barbara couldn’t be there) were there for my support, willing me on! So, the assignment was to share a list of thesis “jobs” we had completed or had nearly completed, and a list of “jobs” we still had left to do. Monica said to think about, “breaking this enormous project into workable chunks and share” with the others. Jesse who brought his adorable 6-month old, with him went first. I went after Jesse, and after me was Cathy. Here is what I came up with:

Completed:  Paper mache tree; sent out interview questions; read 2 books and completed 1 annotated bibliography; attend art therapy each week and produce one piece of new artwork.

Nearly Completed: mixing paints for 3D tree; collection of collage stuff for the 2D tree; follow-up phone calls;

Still To Do: Continue blogging; continue reading books; go to mom’s to collect my old artwork, grandpa’s photos, grandpa’s coffee table, pictures and etc; paint 3D tree, create 2D and finish.

I also must figure out a few other things, but these are the ones I shared in class. Time is clocking down fast. Very fast….


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