Taste the Rainbow: Figuratively and Reality.

When deciding how to paint this 3D tree, I decided immediately that it would be abstract and that the colors needed to be bright and cheery and as abstract as the tree would look when done. I chose to use the tertiary colors, which are the six rainbow colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. I also knew that I didn’t have a lot of extra money floating around for buying new paints, which is why, if you have been following along, I decided to use up some of the 2oz bottles of acrylic paints. This worked out amazingly well. I cleaned out paints AND put them to good use! I really enjoyed mixing them, and seeing how they intermingled together in the cup. Here are some photos:

Divided By Color

Divided By Color

Mmmm Yummy Paint Cups

Mmmm Yummy Paint Cups

Okay, seriously, I didn’t taste the paints! But for whatever reason, they are so pretty, and look like they could be the rainbow cake batter I made for this awesome rainbow cake last summer. In fact, here I’ll show you the batter:

6 Bowls Of Cake Mix

6 Bowls Of Cake Mix

See what I mean? Brilliant colors! I love these!! And, here is that brilliant cake baked:

Close Up Of Rainbow

Close Up Of Rainbow

The rainbow cake was a huge success! I think my tree will be too! I’ll share more as I paint!



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