3D Tree In Color!

This tree has literally taken over my studio. Thankfully we have a table for just the laptops and homework, and whatnot!  I have brown craft paper taped to the floor, paints in the cups so I can recycle them when done, and paint brushes galore. I forgot to take a picture the first night I was painting. I had painted purple and blue. As the days have come along, some of the colors have shifted in an effort to keep the natural flow of a growing tree, but also to create more of a balance with the colors. When I first started the color process I honestly had no idea how the tree would be exactly… I had a pretty good idea, but I knew it would figure itself out as I went through the process.

In Process-3D Color

In Process-3D Color

I decided to start the tree while it was on its base so I could work out the color flow. Red insistently was the overwhelming color.

3D- Different Angle

3D- Different Angle


Base Paint #1

Base Paint

Once I did a couple coats of the tertiary colors, I tackled the ‘dirt’ section which, you may recall is an upside-down papasan chair foot stool. We had bought the papasan in Washington State at a Goodwill Store. My son Rook and I are the only two who use the chair, and neither of us use the stool, we put our feet on a giant blue yoga ball… or we don’t use anything at all for our feet. In the image above I mixed five or six of my 2oz paints again to get the brown. With the light would underneath, it is having a variant all its own. Some parts were shiny and needed to be gone over a couple times. I’ll be doing one more coat to make sure I have it all before I weave in some papers and colored pipe cleaners.

I am working on what types of tissue paper flowers I want to have blooming from the tree. I found this cute Dahlia tissue paper flower while on pinterest, that I think I will use. I’ll link to it if I do decide to use it!



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