Painting and Folding

Today came another layer of paint on the 3D tree. I am very pleased with how it is coming out!

Robyn and I went out tonight in search of tissue paper in vibrant colors. First we went to our neighborhood Dollar Tree where we purchased four multicolor packs that gave me 25 sheets(per package, 100 sheets total) including red, blue, lime green and yellow (and pale pink, which I’ll save for present wrapping!). This was a great start for $4.28! BUT, I still needed purple and orange!

We decided to run over to Michael’s Arts and Crafts, to see if they had any. The best part is that I still have a gift card for them with just over $40 on it! And, I had a coupon on my phone. (I think this is the best idea- I always forget my coupons, or they expire- and now I can just check my Michael’s App or my Joanne’s App to see what coupons I can use!).

Materials for Flowers

Materials for Flowers

We found multipacks (you can see it in the top of the bottom image) that had more colors than I needed, but was the only way I was finding purple and orange. The pack had 100 sheets with 10 colors of each. I ended up being very excited to have the pack though it wasn’t cheap ($7.99 – 40% off coupon). The flowers were planned to be two-tone, so those other colors came in handy!

The pipe cleaners were also from Michael’s. I bought 3 packs($2.99) hoping I would only need two! And, I also grabbed a pack of orange party napkins, in case I didn’t think the orange was bright enough.

Michelle Dupuis’s tutorial on making tissue papers was fantastic! She posted just over a year ago about making these. I love that she came up with five different flower types. Since I chose to do all of mine as Dahlias, I had fun mixing up the colors a bit. Michelle used 10″ squares. I decided I wanted mine smaller, to be proportional with the tree. Now, don’t ask how I figured that out, because  I don’t know. In any event, I decided 6″ squares would be good. Thankfully the squares do not have to be perfect! Here they are all cut out, with some of the pipe cleaners I planned to use:

Tissue Squares

Tissue Squares

Here is how they came out! The bottom is folded like a fan, with the ‘center’ color on top, held tight by a purple pipe cleaner. The top is the sheets each pulled out to give the puffiness! Here is another view:

Two-Tone Purple

Two-Tone Purple

Initially I knew I needed 35 flowers. They would be the ones I needed having art mediums “blooming” from them. While I was making them I decided that no, every reed stem off the tree needed a flower! So, all in all, I think I created 90-95. Here is the pile:

80+ Tissue Paper Flowers!

80+ Tissue Paper Flowers!

For right now, they are staying folded up. Once the stool is done being painted and I have my art medium items created, I’ll start “poofing them out.” Here is another view:

Purple Dahlia Flower

Purple Dahlia Flower


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