Collecting Artifacts

For part of my learning about myself, and about the artwork of family members, I have spent a good deal of time figuring out what I have that would be representational of their work. Today I spent nearly six hours at my folk’s place digging through my boxed up stuff. I was able to find quite a bit:

~Ginny Dolls with all the doll clothing my maternal grandmother made.

~Pictures taken by my maternal grandpa of her dolls and clothing that were for sale at area doll shows.

~A triptych series I did with my son on a trip to an apple farm.

~Trinkets both my children made for me in elementary school.

~My baby book.

~Pictures of some of the costumes I made for my daughter for halloween.

~A violet afghan my mom knitted for me.

~My old typeset tray.

~A coffee table my paternal grandfather made.

I also went around the house doing some photographic work of things my father built/remodeled; images of stained glass my paternal grandfather created; stained glass my mom created; macramé work my mom has created; crocheted hangers that my paternal grandmother made and my mom made.

My mom also had a few more things from her mom for me! And, my dad had a book with some photographs in it of projects he had done over the years… and which I forgot to grab on the way out the door…

Everything has been loaded into the house. This weekend I will photograph everything I can so that I will have it available if I want to show it on Wednesday’s presentation… it is coming up fast!!


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