Collecting Artifacts By Picture

In a previous post I noted a long list of items I was able to come up with for family artwork. Some of the items I did not bring with me. If I can get an installation somewhere, I will have them, but for right now, they are in my mom’s house. I took pictures of them, and have them now ready to share with you!

This first one has been hanging on the wall for as long as I can remember. My mom(Patricia) did macrame necklaces for my grandfather(her father John) as well. I always thought it was cool, and learned a bit myself when I was into making friendship bracelets as a teenager.

Mom's Macrame

Mom’s Macrame

My mom’s family goes back to the name Fenstermacher. In direct translation it means window (fenster) and maker (macher). I believe there were actual stained glass workers in the family as well. I’ll have to get some clarity on it… Anyway, my mom took a couple stained glass classes, and has a set up to work on it at home. Here is one she did that hangs in the bay window of the living room.

Mom's Tulips

Mom’s Tulips

Interestingly enough, my dad’s dad(Lewis) also worked in stained glass later in his life. He created quite a few pieces, here is one that my parents have that also hangs in the bay windows. It was quite difficult to get a good picture. Where it hang, and the time of day, made reflections go all crazy, so this is the best I got without too many reflections. It reminds me of Everett, Washington, and the snow capped mountains out in the distance.

Grandpa Lewis Allen: Stained Glass

Grandpa Lewis Allen: Stained Glass

You know how sometimes something has been around for so long, that you begin to think someone else made a particular item? Or they both made similar items, so it is hard to know who did what? Well, this house has been in my mom’s craft room for just about as long as that macrame above has been on that wall. I do believe my mom’s mom (Peggy) made this house.

Mom's Ribbon House

Mom’s Ribbon House: Front Door

Mom's Ribbon House: Back

Mom’s Ribbon House: Back

The roof zips open, my mom has always kept her house full of ribbons! And, when I zipped it open for a shot, guess what! It is still full of tons of ribbon!

Mom's Ribbon House: Open

Mom’s Ribbon House: Open

I have many more I could post here, but I’ve decided this is enough for now. I’ll add more probably a few at a time over the next couple weeks, so stay tuned!


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