MALS Thesis Delivery

I left Monica’s office, having turned in the required copies of my thesis, feeling relieved that I had completed the entire thing on time. She told me that I was the only one out of the original four of us to do so. Barbara had made the decision half way through with many false starts to put hers off until this coming fall. Cathy and Jesse had both participated in the 10 min presentation a few weeks back, but both ended up asking for extensions. Monica said they both had until the beginning of June to turn theirs in.

I had sent Anne a text on my way to see Monica, and enclose a picture of one of the covers. She wrote back, “YAY!!”

As Robyn and I walked out, I felt light as a feather, carrying only the copy of my thesis that I was to keep, signed by both Anne and Monica.

Now I had to figure out what I was taking with me to our reception and banquet! I knew I was allowed at least one large table that would be up against the double stair ways and a place for the 3D tree. I had no idea what it looked like. Robyn and I tried to get in, but were unable to. At least we knew where the building was now!

We also had talked with Monica about logistics of getting my Grandma Peggy to the door, and the delivery of my tree. It wasn’t the least bit tricky, we’d be allowed to open the gate and drive right in. Such a relief because both were very important, and I wanted them both there!

I decided to take the rest of the evening off and catch up on a few other things, only that didn’t really end up happening, instead I still worked a bit… tossed around ideas on what I might take to the Reception…

Here are the covers I made for my thesis:

Four Finished Copies

Four Finished Copies

Close-Up of 4 Copies!

Close-Up of 4 Copies!

One Bound Copy

One Bound Copy


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