Now which ones should I use?

So, a few days have passed, and I have been trying to work out what items to take with me to this dinner. I’ve been throwing around ideas. Grandpa’s pictures, definitely a My Sky. The dolls that Grandma made the doll clothing for. And pictures by Gabby. And definitely my other Grandfather’s cherry coffee table. But  how could I not include the stained glass pieces? I have so many great pieces of artwork done by my family members, and so many images I could show. I have to remember though, Monica and Anne both said the 3D Tree and 5-6 other pieces, that was it. No more. So if I wanted more pieces, I’d have to be creative about it. I could bring in my computer or iPad and have a slide show going in addition to items I bring. But about those items, which ones? Which ones speak the loudest? Which ones bring something to the project?

I had to go back to the beginning on this. I was going about it the wrong way.


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