Reception & Banquet

I woke up at noon. I’d wanted to get a good amount of sleep in, but I’d had another bout of insomnia and was up until nearly 4am. Yes, I know, that’s still a good 8 hours, however, I just don’t function well on less than ten. I’d been trying to figure out which of these pieces to bring, it just wasn’t coming together. And I had no idea what to wear. I have a closet full of clothing, but most of it was too warm to wear on such a nice day, and the other half didn’t fit. I’ve gained a bit of weight as a side effect to the estrogen, it left a few things that just fit too snug around my middle and hips to be comfortable.

As Robyn and I were discussing moving the 3D Tree into the truck, she was also trying to replace the deadbolt on our door, and it just wasn’t cooperating with her. After moving things around I realized what I should bring with me. It dawned on me I’d been going around this the wrong way. My maternal grandmother, mother and daughter were coming with us.

What I needed was Grandma’s patterns, and the dolls with the clothing she made; the afghan my mom made for me; a painting or two that Gabrianna had made, along with a few items made by me: both trees, the beads that Monica said I should bring. Every person in my family tree who would be there, would be represented. They’d feel special, and everyone there would think it was great to have the maternal side represented by 4 generations.

Robyn and I started loading the 3D tree into the truck. It didn’t go at all like I expected. We ended up laying the tree partially down proper up with pillows to avoid damage to the branches and the artifacts hanging of the branch ends. And of course, the flowers themselves. I knew I’d be able to fluff them back up- tissue paper can take a beating! Once we got the trees into the truck I realized that one of the branches was missing a flower. I grabbed a ‘fix-it’ bag, with scissors, the box of tissue paper squares, pipe cleaners and a bottle of Aleene’s glue. I figured with these I could fix anything that could occur. We got the other pieces loaded and had 45 minutes left. I jumped in the shower, while Robyn got dressed to go.

We left on time, and arrived at Nazareth to find the gate we needed to open, was just that- open! We drove right in and up to Medialle Hall. The first door we came to was open. I parked and went right into see who was there. Only the caterers were there, they said I could do whatever I needed, and then asked if I needed anything, I said, “no thank you! I’ve got it!”

It was just about 3:45, I had plenty of time to set up. I was glad to see the table I had was actually two pushed together, and there was a great place for the 3D tree, almost front and center.

Robyn left me to set it all up. She was running to Fairport to pick up Gabrianna. My mom and grandmother were on their way as well.


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