For the past two and a half years I have been working on my Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies degree at Nazareth College here in Rochester New York. My application for graduation has been made, and I am registered for my final semester. I will be taking a course called: LST 520: Rochester—From Flour to Flower and Beyond. I am hoping it will be an interesting course. The description says, “guest speakers, field trips, films, and performances.” I can’t wait. Field trips are a ton of fun! AND that means I can take lots of pictures this spring! Most of the photos I post will be over on my dA (deviantArt account). And, once this is all set up and going, the link will be over to your right. My other course is the LST 600, which is the Masters Thesis class. From my understanding we meet every couple weeks, and during that time we are basically like a support for one an another as we work through the process. There are four of us doing our thesis this semester. The others are Jesse, Barbara, and Cathy. I have been lucky enough to have been in classes with both Jesse and Barbara. Meeting Cathy will be great too. A new potential friend in the mix is always a plus!

I’m very excited to be coming up to the end of my program at Naz. I’ll have my birthday May 10, graduate May 11, and Mothers Day May 12! It will be a wonderful weekend! I can’t believe how far I have come. I’ve learned so much!

The topic of my thesis is not 100% gelled. I will be taking a look at my family genealogy, specifically the artists on both sides of my family. And then figure out what types of artwork and photography they created. And then, I will critique my own ethnographic authority within the fields, and having done that, look at how my ethnographic subjectivity has been changed by the influences of my family. I will also be looking into how mental health plays a role within the family of artists, as well as my own. I hope to use interviews, this blog, family artwork and my own as well. I haven’t decided on my end project. It may be a photographic book with words, or perhaps a gallery showing, a digital gallery online along with this blog, or maybe something else all together.


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