*From Digital To Hard Copy

With a due date sooner than I expected, I am attempting to do some of the easy stuff quickly to get them out of the way. With the art pieces all created, the focus is here, tying up loose ends, and figuring out the order to things, and then making sure everything is checked for spelling and grammar. I wrote the foreword and introduction, and put in all the page breaks. I also had to go through and check font size, type and color. When I printed out the first section for Anne to go over, I noticed everything copy and pasted from here was in a deep plum purple color, where as everything I wrote in a Pages document was black. It took quite a while to go through, but it was definitely needed.

I sat down to write out the last few blogs, and realized I didn’t have the images to work with, so stepped away again from the computer, and went into our spare room with all the art work waiting for me. I spent well over three hours taking photos of each item. I then came back and uploaded them from my memory card, and then set them to upload here to the site overnight. With nearly 85 images, I knew it would take a couple hours, so I went to bed so I’d have a clear focus in the morning.


Great news, all the images uploaded! Today, I will drop them all in. A new page will be started, it will be misc work that I have done from high school to the present. And, the Family Trees page will have images added by each family member under their name. Of I go to get the work done!!


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