Who is the Self, in a Self-Portrait?

In art therapy group today our directive was to make something about us. A symbol of sorts, or phrase, or item or whatnot… So, I decided to create myself out of felt. I actually am wearing the outfit  I created me in… right down to my black and white striped heart socks! I get soooo many, “OMG I love your SOCKS!!” from people, that I thought out of any outfit, this one is the one that got me the most notice. I am always the wall flower. The one you won’t likely even notice in the room, and if it hadn’t been for being born a redhead, you’d definitely not have seen me…

I had decided a couple years ago on my birthday- that I thought it utterly rediculous that I didn’t wear all these clothes that I wore for going out dancing in, or clubbing, or to parties…. in part because I did those almost never… So now I wear my poofy skirts, and my striped socks and platforms when the weather is right…. or my black lace up boots if the weather isn’t right… and I wear the bracelets Robyn bought me in Seattle and my gothic watch I wear every day, even though I almost never use it to actually tell time… and I have gone back to all my rings, and anything else you can think of… So, here I am, in the felt!!

Me: In Felt!

Me: In Felt!


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